Conceptual Framework of Amani

The conceptual framework of the Amani solution is based on the OECD Policy Framework on Digital Security, and includes ten behavioral indicators developed with researchers at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)

Content Risks

Misinformation and hateful, harmful, or illegal online content.

Behavior Risks

Children’s contribution to hateful, harmful, or illegal online behaviors.

Consumer Risks

Financial, security, or marketing risks as consumers of online products.

Communication Risks

The risk that children who use the internet to communicate are affected by others and may become victims of hateful, harmful, or illegal behaviors.

Exploring Social Media: A fun learning journey

Before the child embarks on this adventure, they receive a special gift: a phone equipped with a smart assistant, Amani. Amani accompanies children throughout their daily lives with family and friends on several adventures where they explore the world of social media through fun games and a set of puzzles they must solve to keep playing the game
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Simulates real-life scenarios

Fun journey and experiences

Direct data and analysis

Based on self-motivation of individual children, without the need for teacher intervention

Testing is not a concern, which encourages children to do their best without feeling pressured

Not just a game!

A data analysis is conducted based on the children’s performance and decisions in the game. The children’s knowledge/skill levels on the key objectives of Amani are then presented in reports that provide decision makers with the information they need to design interventions that enhance children’s awareness of digital risks.

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