Conceptual Framework of Fahmi

The conceptual framework of the Fahmi solution includes four levels of mental processes that are aligned with the Progress in International Reading Literacy Study (PIRLS) framework
Focus on and retrieve information in the text
Interpret and integrate ideas and information
Build direct inferences from text
Assess and critique text elements and content

Grandpa's Library

In this game, the heroes are on a quest to retrieve the books of Grandpa Saleh’s library, which were stolen by monsters that escaped to other worlds. By reading the manuscripts and texts, the child helps the heroes solve the puzzles and retrieve the books successfully.
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Easy to expand texts and supports different languages

Children do their best without worrying about grades

Testing is not a concern

Based on self-motivation of individual children, without the need for teacher intervention

Direct data and analysis

Measuring skills, not just knowledge

Through the game, the Fahmi solution aims to

Provide data on children's skill levels

Raise children's skill levels

The solution contributes to

The game includes different strategies to improve children’s performance through

Developing the four main reading comprehension processes

Improving children's interaction with literary and informational texts

Increasing the average reading time for children and students

Reports are then produced on children’s skill levels in the four main learning processes, to provide decision-makers with with the information they need to design interventions that enhance children’s reading comprehension skills.

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