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Changing the Rules of the Game

We believe that education is essential for societal progress. And by developing our educational solutions, we contribute to the national development, societal growth, and achieving the objectives of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030.

Providing high quality data on children's competencies collected in fun contexts, allowing children to respond freely and without pressure.

We innovate digital products that use motivational elements, such as gamification, to encourage our children to interact with them with their full potential

We expand our solutions after testing them using evidence-based practices.

Tools That Encourage Their Interaction

To better understand children, we are innovating game-based measurement tools that enable children to interact with them naturally. Our goal is to provide high quality data on children’s competencies that can be utilized by decision makers.

Measurement tools within entertaining contexts
Analyzing children’s behaviors and interactions
Extract reliable qualitative data

An Experience That Motivates Them

Utilizing Data

We invest in data as we strive to provide children with enjoyable experience.

Designing Educational Interventions

We develop educational solutions using the latest technology and following the best scientific practices and methods.

Interventions Evaluation

We test our solutions in our UX/UI lab using an eye movement tracker and a heart rate measurement device, strengthening our role as an experimental environment for bold and innovative educational solutions.

Solutions That Support Their Learning

Once we evaluate the effectiveness of our educational solutions using evidence-based practices, we present the lessons learned to society and decision makers to expand on them, which will enhance the success of our children and develop our economy in the long term.

Main Valuable Insights

Using the latest technologies and following scientific and applied methods within the UX/UI lab.

Designing the Educational Interventions

Designing and testing the efficiency of our educational solutions using evidence-based practices.

Share with Decision-Makers

To adopt the best decisions in various fields that will develop society.

How We Create Our Solutions


Scientific-Based Design

In addition to the best practices at a global and local level to reach a high-reliability research base.

Motivational Elements

Through children's participation and feedback to reach an attractive and interactive solution.



Modern Technologies

With the efforts and expertise of a multi-specialty team to reach the best modern technologies in the field of gamification.

Our Educational Solutions


Financial literacy




Reading comprehension

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